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Tour Options: Layover Tour | Local Discovery Tour | Day Tour
Twin Cities Tour    

Discover the best of Minneapolis at your own pace with self-guided audio tours from MSP Tours. We offer sustainable, fun, and educational tours of Minneapolis using our unique public transportation system and expertly crafted and engaging audio guides.

No pointing out windows. No waiting for others.  No boring tour guides. MSP Tours lets you immerse yourself in city life like a true local.

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  Pick up your map and audio device at our airport or downtown location and explore Minneapolis via our Light Rail system. Our self-guided audio tour lets you listen to local experts and artists share their stories about the city as you travel and explore at your own pace the Twin Cities' world-renowned architecture, shopping, lakes, art, diverse culture, and more.

This self-guided audio tour from MSP Tours is perfect for travelers on an airport layover, visitors wanting to explore the city, or locals looking to see the city in a whole new way.